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Welcome to the online portfolio of  Art Director & Multidisciplinary Designer, Manya Kuzemchenko.

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The Throne

Experiential Design,
Motion Graphics,

︎for Museum of the Future Present

Interactive video installation for an experiential exhibition at The Native Hostel in Austin, TX.

The exhibition was a physical mixtape and I was representing the lyrical genius and visual performances of music artist Shabazz Palaces. As you sit on a clear chair facing a mirror, you watch yourself as projections dance and frame your being, transcending you through an interactive cosmos.

Review of the exhibition from 2021 ︎︎︎

Exhibition Facebook Page ︎︎︎

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re:MARS Luminaries:
Tom Soderstrom Animations

Motion Graphics

︎for Article Group

One of my favorite projects to date, I was approached to create animations for an episode of this limited series on Amazon Prime.

The biggest challenge with this project was finding a way to represent ‘the cloud’ of data... but also illustrating and animating a quantum computer!

Watch entire series on Amazon Prime ︎︎︎

Unit21 Explainer Video

Motion Graphics

︎for Unit21

Although this video wasn’t used by the client in the end, this was super fun to put together as a 2D animation project.

Unit21 is a paid-for service to help financial companies prevent and streamline dealing with identity theft and suspicious activity.

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